You are on the website of the Czech Sea Scouts Headquarters (Czech translation "Hlavní kapitanát vodních skautů" and abbreviation "HKVS") - the head of sea (water) scouts in Junak -  Czech Scouting (representative of the Czech republic in WOSM, WAGGGS, and ISGF).


The easiest way to get in contact with Czech sea scouts is via our International Committee (just specify interest about sea scouts). They arrange contact between troops, inexpensive accommodation in scout centres, and also participation in events of sea scouts.


Navigamus 2015Navigamus 2015

We would be glad to see you and your troop at Navigamus 2015 - a national camp of sea scouts.

When: 4th - 7th June 2015

Where: Seč dam , Czech Republic

Who: groups of water scouts and guides of all age groups (6 - 18 years old) and their leaders

More information: www.navigamus.cz

Sea (Water) Scouts in the Czech Republic

In the Czech republic, there is no sea. Therefore, we call our Sea scouts "just" water scouts. Although we have this handicap, our country is rich in white water rivers and creeks optimal for kayaking, lakes suitable for sailing and flat water rivers open to canoeing and paddling activities. Boat trips have a long tradition and water sports are very popular in our country. Naturally, the sea scouting in our country has played an important role since the beginning of the Czech scout movement.

Basic Symbols of Czech Sea Scouts

National flag

Emblem of Czech Sea Scouts (Water Scouts)

Symbol of Czech sea scouts

Organization of Czech Sea Scouts

People in our Organization

In 2013, there were 3336 sea scouts in the Czech republic (about 7% of the overall number of Czech scouts and guides), including 1043 adults and 2293 children in 167 troops.

Age Categories

  • cubs, brownies: 5-11 years
  • scouts and guides: 12-15 years
  • rovers and rangers: 16-18 years
  • adults: more than 18 yeara

Main Activities of Czech sea scouts

Education and Training of Children

  • Education in units or groups - mainly meetinggs once a week in clubrooms or outside.
  • One- or more-day trips in the countryside (on boats, on foot, on ski,...)
  • Every unit has a summer camp - mainly 14 or 21 days in the nature. It is also possible to make a wandering camp.
  • Canoeing and kayaking - from the very easy to very difficult rivers in the Czech republic or abroad.
  • Sailing on lakes and dam reservoirs. Every year we organize trips on sailing yachts on the Adriatic sea.

Education and Training of Young People

Provided by Naval Academy of Czech sea scouts

  • ten-day course during summer holiday and two weekends in the autumn
  • focuses on basics of leadership and water activities, scout ideas and methods, structure of organisation and its history, safety etc.

Education of adults

A) School of woodcraft for sea scouts

  • includes three weekends and a two-week meeting
  • you can pass the Water instructor qualification there
  • woodcraft, practise on river
  • etc.

B) Meeting of captains

The meeting of heads of troops, groups and headquarters takes place twice a year. These meetings are occassion to make friends but also work together - the future strategy is decided on, races and other meetings (ex. NAVIGAMUS) are prepared. It includes special lectures on acutual topics such as new educational programme, first aid, etc.

Other activities of Czech sea scouts

  • The best known meeting, „Czech sea scouts national jamboree", is NAVIGAMUS - it takes place every 3 years.
  • Interesting race takes place every September - "Over Three Weirs" - it is about 5 km long race of punts on Vltava river in the historic centre of Prague.
  • SKAPA - scouts' paddling - takes place once a year - it is a speed race of „unsailed" punts.
  • Meander of Mimon - takes place once a year - it is a race on Ploucnice river - includes canoeing, mountain biking, speed biking, running and race on punts.
  • Unlocking (in spring) and locking (in autumn) of rivers.
  • And many others.....

Punt P550

The original idea was to make a boat suitable for sailing and also for white water paddling. At the same time it should be comfortable for a scout patrol to sail on.

The project started in 1994-1995. It was initiated by a very small group (2-4) of enthusiasts. There were many skeptical resounds at the beginning. It turned out that this boat has nearly perfect characteristics for sailing on ponds, lakes, reservoirs (primarily) and going on river trips on relatively wild water (secondary). Due to absence of small sailboats, canoes and kayaks and home-made boats, these punts have been preferred since that time.

This punt is very often used by Czech sea scouts. Thera are about 150 punts now. It is suitable for river trips and for sailing close to the banks of ponds or water reservoirs, but not for large open water surface.

The whole project was funded mainly from a modest budget of the Czech Sea Scouts Headquarters. The main part of the work (thousands of hours) was done voluntarily.


The price of a fully equiped sailed boat is 3500 €. The delivery date is about 2-5 months, it depends on the utilization of producer. It is possible to make an order via our International committee.

Technical data

  • P550 is designated for 5 (with baggage) to 7 people (without baggage).
  • Length: 5,5 m
  • Width: 1,2 m
  • Mass of the casco: 80 kg
  • Material used: laminate
  • Sails: 5m2 - main sail; 2m2 - jib
  • With using of special deckhouse the emergency passing in the night is possible for four people.
  • P550 is sensitive to longitudinal balancing. Uniform placing of baggage and people is necessary.